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Aguila beer - A thrive business in Colombia

March 15, 2007. When we are in Colombia, a popular beer mark is constantly visible, the beer Aguila, a prosperous business which help people by offering products of quality and cost effectiveness.


Aguila is very recognized in Colombia for its quality and its availability, but what is remarkable, it is the investment which it offers to small and medium-sized entreprises to support them to make more profits by giving or trading chairs, tables and other equipment necessary to satisfy their customers. Aguila remains also a company which invested enormously in the publicity in sport and social events.


For the international development, the Aguila business is not too visible because the Web site is not optimized enough on Internet to allow a greater popularity and publicity in order to get more other areas or countries which could get a product of high quality with low price. For example, a beer costs approximately 0,40 $ US in the sales point directly to the consumers, then we can imagine a price without competition for the distributors which buy with great volume.


Contact us if you wish more informations in order to market theirs products.


Français ; Bière Aguila

Español ; Cerveza Aguila